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    AIDI is a civil association that for 5-8 year has been working on different type of  projects doing accompanying work with indigenous in the highlands of Hidalgo. One of their principal project is the embroiderer; providing organization, consultation, orientation and training about  quality, develop and production.
     They have organized a group of embroidered women. They are Otomi indigenous from the community of Santa Maria Temaxcalapa, in Tenango de Doria county, they are 40 women from different small community that are spread in the mountains, they walk to Tenango for hours to meet with the other women,  they found the way to speak between them and organize through this association and work together in this fantastic embroidered art.


     This is a heritage art that has survived through the time, it is teach from mother to daughter, they learn the technique of this embroidered since child. The dialect in these communities is the Otomi. Some are bilingual as well speak Spanish. The age range is between 18 years to 65 years. They work in their homes, with the daylight. One piece can take days, weeks, months on get done, and this time can be affected by the weather that at same time is influenced by the hurricane season, long days or rain and flow and no electricity.   These communities, live in a deep segregation and poverty,  They develop another activities for living, agriculture, coffee recollection, and the embroidered activity as complement of their economy.
     The colorful Otomi embroidered or “Tenangos", are worldwide famous, for the fantastic design that are unique and full of bright colors; they reflect in the embroidery what is on their mains, vegetation, animals and customs of the area, activities that they do, and sometimes fantasy creatures are represented. There is not pattern on the design, this is why any piece isn’t equal to another.
     The Tenango drawings has been inspired a lot of designer, their drawings We can be find apply in many different items, others has been try to copy and industrialize this beautiful embroidered, but never can compete with the quality, originality and unique of this beautiful art.


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