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Thank you for your interest in this Project of Art, Design and Tradition, original Mexican Textile handmade by Mexican Indigenous women.

   Hello, my name is Margarita, I am Architect from Universidad de Guadalajara, I am a Designer, Artist, and dreamer, maybe dreamer more than anything else. I think this dream started when I was 19 years old following my early 20's years old. I had the amazing experience to be part of a team of missions in La Huasteca Potosina in Mexico and in the Highlands of North  Jalisco. I think these experiences were remarkable in my life and made a deep impact on me.


    I always have been thinking about what I can do in order to make a difference in the people of communities in Mexico?  that they can have a real benefit?.


    As an Architect, I had been in many different types of projects: residential, hospitality, as well as interior design.  I think that whit this project, I can combine my passions for art, design, history, and my professional experiences, at the same time, to give a hand to the people of the communities of Mexico, to spread the voice to the world of what they do, their art and traditions. 

       “Arte De Mi Tierra” is my project, it has as the main objective to help the native groups that live in remote lands in Mexico, to promote and show to the world what they do for a living and get closer the products to the customer.  


      They are the social groups affect mostly for the economic situation in Mexico. Artists with great talent and owner of technics that have been survived through the time and complex histories moments and migration trying to find a better way to live.

I bealive that if we could help to each other and work togheter, We could have a better world.


       It is very common in that peaple take advantage of the economic situation of indigenous, bidding for their crafts a remuneration not according to the time invested in production. That's why we support the " Fair Trade " and thus avoid this situation of abuse that only has consequently the moral and economic decline, emigration, and the loss of tradition and technique.

Work together, support them in promotion and distribution of  their products, at par to produce new design models, open new markets, preserve the art and tradition, to make of this profit for the community and accessible for the consumers, are goals of  my project.

Our process
otomi hand embroidery
Otomi handbag
Hand embroidered Mayan Fabric
Otomi handmade
Otomi pillows
Otomi pillos
Mayan hand embroidered tapestry
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