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Rebozo or Shawl in a beautiful and elegant black and gray tones. Mexican Textile handmade in cotton yarn, it was made in Zinacatan Chiapas. This beautiful shawl has elaborated details in the weave as well as frayed along the garment, is finished with braided.


A soft and elegant combination in a neutral colors combination, perfect for a day o night, 


This is a beautiful and elegant shawl, lightweight and you can give many uses.

-Use of the Shawl is very versatile, you can wear a dress mid-afternoon or evening as a contrast color or scarf around the neck and shoulders
-As a table runner
-This Shawl can be used as a decorative blanket on the bed or as a throw on the couch.

Rebozo or Shawl black and gray combination, handwoven in backstrap loom .

  • Material: cotton

    Measure: 65" x 19 3/8"    167.6 cm x 50 cm + fringe

    Total measure approx  75" x19 3/8"  190cm x 50 cm approx.

    This is a hand made item, slight variations may occur.


  • This is a hand wash item with soft soap, do not uses bleach, do not tumble dry, you can iron using a cloth on top in order to protect the frayed details not to be pulling by the corner or of the iron, or if you prefer dry clean.

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