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Gorgeous round Otomi tablecloth, Red hand embroidered, hand made by indigenous from the High lands of Hidalgo in the Otomi community. Original Tenango Mexican Textile. The complex design flows naturally in the fabric, animals, flowers, birds are embroidered all over the fabric, creating a beautiful composition full of color and details. The fabric is rustic cotton natural color (manta).This is an astonish piece of the Otomi Art.Impress your family and friends with this amazing embroidered fabric, you can use as a tablecloth or add a frame and it will be an incredible original piece of art that will take the attention of your guest. This piece for sure will be the point of attention of any design style.

Otomi round Tablecloth red embroidered, 75" diam.

  • Measures: 190 cm diam    75.5" diam

    Material : cotton

    This is handmade, saight variation may occur.

    No frame inclured

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