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Otomi hand embroidered Multicolor. They call to this type of work "Custom" because of talk about tradition, the life style and other thing that happen in the community. This particular Custom embroidered talks about the water, the raining, We see how the water come down from the mountains passing through the communities filling the rivers and lakes. A fairy tales do a reference with the marmalade, flower happily blooms. Naive representation of aquatic animals are, This embroidered was made with the traditional blind stitch. The vibrant color of the embroidered does a beautiful contrast with the natural color of the fabric creating a beautiful piece of Art.Impress to your friends with this beautiful embroidered fabric, can be use it on top on a table or console, or just add a frame and Voilà! You will have an original piece of Art that you can hang in a wall on your living room or dining room creating a special detail on your space

Custom Otomi embroidered fabric, Water

Out of Stock
  • Material: Cotton

    Measures: 30"Wx 41"H           76.5cmW  x 104.5 cmH approx.


    This is a handmade item, slight variation may occur.


    No frame included

  • Hand wash, with soft soap, not use bleach, not tumble dry, iron it by reverse side, I recommend to use a piece of cloth on top of the fabric to protect the embroidered from the iron. Or if you prefer dry clean

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