Rebozo or Shawl with vibrant stripes colors combination, Mexican Textile handmade in cotton, hand woven in Chiapas. This beautiful shawl has details on frayed along the garment and at the end finished with a strip of contrasting colorful brocade.

Combination tones: pink, green, redwine, yellow, blue, red.

-Use of the Shawl is very versatile, this is a lightweight garment that you can wear with dress mid-afternoon or evening as a contrast or scarf around the neck and shoulders
-As a table runner
-This Shawl can be used as a decorative blanket on the bed or as a throw on the couch.

Rebozo or Shawl stripes on vibrant color, blue, yellow, red, green pink redwine.

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  • Material: cotton

    Measure: 66.5"x 20 1/4" 169 cm x 51.5 cm + fringe