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Otomi T-shirt with multicolor hand embroidery on the front. This beautiful t-shirt is an Otomi traditional embroidery that fits into the urban and modern fashion of the city. Great with shorts, jeand, skirts or any combination. 


Perfect for the Summertime, this shirt is made in 100% cotton, the embroidered in a multicolor cotton thread, with animals and flowers as a pattern. The neck is round 


Check the measures to be sure it's fit on you, they are Mexican size and could be a little bit small for USA Americans. 

Otomi t-shirt white cotton and multicolor hand embroidery, fromTenango

  • Material: Cotton

    Size and Measures:

    Small Youth: Chest 17"  armhole 8" long 20.5" shoulders 16" 

    This it comes in a straight cut


    Medium Youth:  Chest 18"  Armhole 8.5" Shoulders 16.5" Long 22.5"

    This comes in a straight cut.


    Large Youth:  Chest 18.5" Armhole 8.75" Shoulders 17 1/4" Long 22.5 " This comes in a straight cut.


    Medium Women: Chest 16 1/4"  Armhole 8 1/4" Shoulders 17" Long 23 1/4"  Waist 15"

  • This is 100% cotton, No uses bleach, wash in cold water, no tumble dry, iron if needed. 

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